Affordable fashion trends by Personal Stylist

Over the years, I’ve heard both men and women rant about how they love shopping and wish to stay updated with the affordable fashion trends but their wallets don’t allow them to. I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to shop smart within your means.

A few days ago, I decided to bust the myth that fashion is for the rich and affluential. I took upon a challenge to browse a retail store that’s trendy and pocket friendly.

‘They say fashion comes with a price tag and a huge hole in the pocket.’

I made an impromptu shopping plan to raid MAX and create 2 daytime looks in half an hours time.

Breezy Beauty

My first look is for the girl who likes to let it loose and travels light to work or college. I chose a fringed top (tucked at the front, let loose at the back), a printed palazzo bottom, golden flat sandals, a pink scarf ( because a pop of colour is must when all the other colours are muted) and a nude structured handbag. I would’ve liked to add some accessories to this look, but the collection in this particular branch was quite limited. When you try to create a breezy look like this, make it shine with a pair of sunglasses, long neck chains or earrings.

Ms. Flamboyant

        My next look is for the girl who loves the sporty look and can rock whatever outfit she wears, as long as she’s comfortable in it. This girl believes in an effortlessly chic and casual style. Here, I’ve put together a camouflage zipper dress, a gingham checkered back bag and metallic slip on trainers.

Fashion maybe what you buy but style is what you create out of it.

After my little experiment, I am convinced that you can spend 2 dollars and make it look worth a 100 dollar, if you style it well and carry yourself confidently!


Until next time, xx.

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