Scream Green by Personal Stylist

2017 is here and if you don’t know it already, Greenery is the colour of the year. But why green? Want to know what inspired this? Here’s my take on the colour of the year..
Well, think healthy – the fresh green produce, think nature – lush green grass and trees,  think business – the global symbol of bills and notes, profit indicators, rise in stock prices are all indicated in green. So now you know! 
Greenery is the colour of new beginnings, freshness, nature, growth, power and harmony.
Greenery is the colour of spring and when worn by a true Spring personality, their face lights up with a natural glow. Green eyeshadow works wonders on warm skin tones, most Indian skin tones fall under this category. But this can range from jarring emeralds to mint greens, so be wise while picking the shade that’s right for you. 
 Below is an all green look that’ll make a true Spring shine like a Diva. Inspired by the tropics, this look works best for an hour glass or pear shaped women blessed with height.  This monochrome look where Greenery dominates the other tropical colours is a great way to amplify your style factor. Insider tip: Wear it with confidence and your best smile to emit positivity and a fresh vibe at an evening gala or on a lunch date.  

Now that we’ve sunk into the ocean of thoughts about the symbolism and vibe of Greenery, let’s look at the different shades of green and learn how to bring them into your lifestyle.

Green is the perfect colour to boost your spirits this year. Liven up the mood and spirit by bringing in more green into your lifestyle. Add a dash of green paint or furniture to your living space or simply deck up your work desk with some refreshing green stationery, add some green to your outfit and get set to stun the onlookers. Take it a step further by embracing a greener lifestyle – plant a tree, adopt a vegetarian or a vegan diet, recycle your wardrobe.
If you’re looking for a fresh start, then the time is now.  I say, Green is the way to go! Tell me how you’re embracing green this year in the comments below.
Until next time, xx.

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