What are winters without some layering?

So I had to pack for my winter holiday to Rajasthan recently and planning winter clothes is something I don’t get to do often. My winter experience was totally different because it meant layering, looking good but most importantly being warm always. All that I’m talking here is my personal experience only, might differ from city to person. So let’s begin!

While I was packing I made sure to carry at least 2- 3 outer layers, so I packed a quilted parka jacket, a hoodie and a lightweight fancy tassel jacket/shrug. The quilted parka jacket was the warmest of all; I used this for all outdoor activities in the evening and night. The hoodie came handy when I wanted more comfort in room or while travelling. The tassel jacket came handy in restaurants and other places where I wanted to be more presentable. I also carried a woolen stole.  

For regular wear I carried some warm pullovers, sweaters and turtlenecks. While these were really helpful I will definitely recommend packing some extra T-shirts, tops and shirts that you regularly wear. Never try to under pack and ignore your T- shirts and other regulars, as days were really hot and sunny. During the evenings I would just wear my jacket above and feel okay. I did not find the need of gloves because my jacket had side pockets.

I carried 3 shoes, boots, trainers and flip-flops. Boots came to use for fine dines and times I did not have to walk. Trainers were useful when I had to go sight seeing. Flip flops were the need of the hour when I wanted to move around in hotel, local streets and sometimes even switched to them on very sunny days. I also packed one pair of socks for everyday. Do not forget to carry a beanie or a cap. Finally, have a look at what I actually wore there!          

At the Airport

Heading out for sight seeing to Chittorgarh

(the only daytime I wore warm clothes assuming it would be cold, mistake made LOL)

City Palace, Udaipur  

Night out in Jaipur

Amer Fort, Jaipur



Do not pack excessive jewellery. Instead carry winter accessories like good shoes, belts, watches, bag packs, stylish shocks etc.  So what are you waiting, get started with your winter fash now!

Until next time, xx 

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