Karl Lagerfeld’s Iconic Fashion Moments

,”I don’t design like I breathe. You don’t just ask to breathe. It just happens.” – Karl Lagerfeld. Karl, the Fashion maestro and Creative Director of Chanel, Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld had recently departed from the world, and it was one of the saddest departures of the fashion industry, his departure was mourned throughout the world. He was a living legend who dictated his own fashion rules. He gave second life to brands like Chanel, H and M  as he quotes, “When I did H and M, everyone said don’t do it. And it worked. When I took over Chanel, everyone said to me don’t do it, it’s dead it doesn’t work. It worked beyond. So I better not listen to people and follow only my instincts.”

Today I’m here to pay homage to our beloved genius who breathed fashion. Let’s look at Karl’s most iconic creations.

Chanel Glasses S/S’93

Chanel Hola Hoop Bag S/S’13


Lily Rose Depp with Karl in Chanel Couture Spring 2017

Fendi Bag Bug Karlito Fall’14

Fendi’s Iconic Baguette bag held by Carrie Bradshaw

In no particular order, these are just a few of my favourite creations of Karl. We cannot forget the iconic Chanel shades or his reinvention of the pearl necklace and the tweed jacket. Moments like the above at the Chanel couture show with alluring finely created master pieces, above worn by Lilly Rose Depp. To having his own bag bug created and called Karlito, it was an instant fashion favourite. And at last let’s not forget America’s sweetheart, Carried Bradshaw from the Sex and The City carrying the iconic baguette bag by Fendi.

Along with the master designer cap he wore, Karl backed many other such caps. He was also a legendary Photographer, Artist and Caricaturist. Karl was involved with many such fashion houses like Chloe, Valentino, Krizia and multiple breath taking art collaborations as well.

To me Karl Lagerfeld was a perfectionist and his work reflected this, from creating iconic runway sets on the Great Wall of China, Champs des Elysess or creating an artificial beach, he created a fashion experience nobody has yet delivered. He not only created magic with clothes but had iconic runway moments as well, all his collections are to remembered for its designs and brilliance. Karl’s creative vision was truly mesmerising. Karl’s six decade career brilliance has finally come to a rest and we will never forget him. Quoting a favourite by Karl, “The clothes don’t have to suit you; you have to suit the clothes.”  

Until next time, xx.

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