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What are the thoughts that gush in your mind when you look at yourself in the mirror?  Your body, your fitness, your appearance? I too look at these aspects in my body just like everybody do with their own bodies. Infact, I look at others this way too. Well, don’t get me wrong, I mean it in a good way. As a Personal stylist I’m looking always at body shapes. For me every body is naturally unique, some may be curvy, some may be petite, some tall and many such unique features. What you see as your complexities, I see them as your strengths. I look out for these details as a Fashion Stylist too, but in a way that my creatives give as much life to the frame. It’s not just standing straight and taking photos it’s about creating interest, creating a story, playing with the silhouette.

From a Personal Stylists Perspective

Silhouette plays a huge role. How do you bring balance to your upper and lower half? How do you accentuate your curves and not hide them? Consider your Silhouette, as the outline of your body. This is the first aspect you should look at before buying any item of clothing. Is it flattering my overall appearance? or is balancing entire appearance? Take it if it’s a yes.


From a Fashion Stylists Perspective

Silhouettes also matters the most in Editorial Fashion shoots just as much as the outfit. You can put the best designer tags together but if your look doesn’t stand out and if the outline seems regular, you have nothing to showcase honestly. That’s why I made this shoot all about the silhouette. Because even with the best label if the silhouette does not speak a story it will splinter the look. I chose bespoke pieces that brought it all together. I knew that clothes could bring interest to my outfit but bespoke hats like these stole the show.

As you strolled down the path you saw how much does fine tailoring, bespoke pieces, add to a silhouette. Likewise, if you want to create an interest in your wardrobe add statement pieces, think peplum tops, voluminous skirts or bizarrely pretty accessories. Knowing your body and Silhouette is the first step to great dressing and the next one is fine tailoring; that’s how you can attain clean lines. 

Special thanks to who were behind this look –

Edwina Ibbotson – Millinery (hat)

TwistXturn – Bespoke outfit (Skirt and Top)

Office – Shoes

Leigh Keily – Photographer (JON MAGAZINE)

Nevs Model Agency

Josipa – Model

Martin Carter – Makeup

Josie Chan – Hair

Until next time, xx.

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