Need of the hour – Accessories

Oscar de la Renta said, “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.” To a lot of people, fashion is just about clothes that are trending and buying them off racks but fashion is more than clothes it is the accessories, shoes, and bags that you style with it.

All That Jewels

The power of accessorizing is so strong that it automatically brings a dull outfit to life. There are no rights or wrongs of how to accessorize but there are definitely certain things you can keep on mind. Accessorize jewelry according to the look, if you are going for a simple soft look then use delicate jewelry that doesn’t torment your outfit. For a bolder look, layer it up and use chunky pieces that stand out. Make sure to balance the look even.



Shoe Praise

Next, come shoes, shoes are every woman’s paradise. Make sure what you wear is comfortable and stylish. For a casual outfit go for, easy to carry and comfortable shoes with good embellishments and great cuts. If your outfit requires extra oomph then resort to your heeled shoes. Shoes like, kitten heels and wedges are quite comfortable than the rest. But, if comfort is not your concern then Stilettoes, pumps, platforms, are a good option.

Bag Me Up!

Finally, bags are the most important accessory. So make sure you are carrying the right one, structured bags are good for a clean and neat look. Saddle, messenger slings or totes are great for a casual outfit, while clutch or minaudiere is great to carry at parties.


*Style Tip: If you want to disguise a particular area because of your small or big frame then avoid anything bulky there, as this will only pull more attention to the area.

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