10, 9, 8… Yep! The clock has already started ticking to the better end of the year, New Year’s Eve. Most commonly celebrated around the world, this is no less of a festival where everybody wants to shine in their sparkly dresses just like the champagne. I love how there’s no reason to why everyone’s dressed so shiny but how much sequins is too much? Let’s find out.


I created this look with Top Shop and decided to not do a head to toe sequins look, I rather have elements of sequins and glitter in other parts of my outfit. To begin with the look, I took inspiration from the olden Era and put on a plain black slip dress. What really works in this look is the satin fabric in the slip dress; it goes well with the entire New Year vibe. Slip dresses work very well for women with a straight figure because it falls flat and loose on your body.


Because my dress is super neutral I would definitely make a shift to brighter colours for my Accessories. And that’s why red strap court shoes work perfectly with the cropped length of my slip dress. Now I begin with the shimmer side of my outfit, with this link shoulder bag, which directly takes me to the disco era. Shoulder bags are replacing cross body bags so do no hesitate on investing on a good one. Finally, I’m finishing this off with a rhinestone collar. The rhinestone is what makes this dress New Year’s Eve worthy. But I would only recommend this to girls with a medium to tall neck. If you have a short neck like mine, I would do the same with a pair of shiny earrings.

Remember to not go OTT with two or more accessories when you’re already hooked to some shimmer. Last but not the least, remember to let loose and be comfortable in what you wear. Have a safe and fantabulous New Year!

Until next time, xoxo

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