Wedding season is back with a shabang and it got even better when I recently witnessed my best friend tie the knot. When you’re the bridesmaid you obviously gotta look the best! You gotta keep up your A-game just like the bride. Buttt.. Never take away the thunder from your bride. We all want to look so good that we miss the point of not stealing her attention! Don’t ever colour coordinate with the bride. Let her stand out.


Know the number of events and the theme of it. Themes are a big deal but can you keep up with it always? Umm honestly.. I could not adhere to it fully but made sure I looked my best. For a Bollywood theme, Indo-western is the way to go but don’t make it completely western unless advised, because you’re still attending an Indian wedding right? Gowns, Gharara, cape styled outfits all work well for the occasion. For a retro theme, sharara or anarkali with a wing liner and you’re good to go. If it’s a day affair by the pool you know florals and bright colours for the win! For occasions like haldi and mehandi you’re expected to wear yellow and green but I oppose this absolutely. Why to wear the same yellow on yellow or green with the green mehandi and camouflage it? Wear a contrasting colour instead so that the colour pops.




On the final day, there’s nothing better than a lehanga and that’s me with the beautiful bride. I was very comfortable in everything I wore and no compromises were made while I was having fun. You don’t want to be fixing your clothes when dancing or taking photos. When I said I don’t adhere to themes is when, the event is based on a colour and you’re asked to wear the same colour, I do not like to camouflage with the bg, you know what I mean?

Have some questions? Write them to me and I’ll answer them for you.

Until next time, xx.


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