Power Play by Personal Stylist

In a world full of choices, you can be anything you want to.  You can wear anything you want to. Who says so? Your Personal Shopper says so. I like to style without tags, boundless by gender, plain yet chic. This brassy style is for a leader, a fearless and strong headed women. An iconic symbol of feminism and androgyny, this look can be easily blended into her everyday style. Just how, you ask?

Get your fiery blazer on to own this look! Style right with a crisp shirt ideally with pussy bow details, an arousing red cigarette pants or culottes and narrow shoes like brogues or kitten heels. Add glam with an embroidered clutch. Eye it with spacey glasses. Be the women of the hour with a big old-fashioned watch and a statement ring of your choice.

Avoid styling with any drop down accessories like chains, earrings and beaded bracelets. If your shirt lacks details add a skinny scarf for instant glam! If you’re feeling bold, add a fedora hat to top up the look!

“So ladies, never be suppressed, only Power-Dress.”

Until next time, xx.

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