Personal Stylist, a luxury?

The most common misconception among people, Personal stylists are not for everybody. Hiring them would be a luxury bigger than our shopping bills. Well, so untrue! A Personal Stylist is somebody who helps them needy, who dislike shopping or are unable to make the right clothing decisions. How? We understand body shapes, what works best for your colour, your lifestyle, and putting you in clothes that you’re comfortable in.

Every body type is different so we first analyze and understand you and then understand what your preferences are, what your budget is and work only around your budget. Initially, personal styling was done in real life, face to face but thanks to the web world we can now connect from any distance, chat about it online at your convenience.

Virtual Styling is a boon to our generation, it is more cost and time efficient for the client. Once your stylist reads you completely and understands your requirement they start brainstorming and selecting clothes for you. While you are on the go you can select the items you like and ship them directly to your doorstep. The good thing is we do not have any bond with brands so we choose from brands of your aesthetic.

We understand all good things take time, so let’s start with a free trial session!

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