Shy to Free Spirit

Hi Guys,

I’m here to talk about me and my fashion journey. Do you want to know how did I land up here? How did I begin with the fashion industry. Was it easy? Well, it was quite a scare initially on how I’m going to do, is it going to be fruitful and all those questions but then that’s how I started..

All my life I had been interested in the Fashion industry. But I also thought that you have to be ‘EXTREMELY CREATIVE’ which I fixed in my mind I was not, and kept pushing myself back. Soon after I came to the ‘make it or break it’ situation. I had to choose if I had to continue with my dream or choose a regular job. YES, I DID!! So, I got out of my comfort zone, learned to believe in myself and be more confident. Today I’ve come to the realisation – Nobody was born a creative genius it is what meets the eye, and how much you believe in it.  

My family and dear ones have been a constant support, and my tutors at, The London College of Style have made me get closer to my goals and believe in myself.  Along the post I’ve posted, a before – after picture of myself, for the shy person I used to be. I would have never done this but it took some courage to believe more in myself than anybody else. The day I realised this I became a free-spirited individual. I would like to end this post by saying – Don’t stop believing. 🙂 



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