Monsoon Style by Personal Stylist

Rain makes everything beautiful, doesn’t it? Then why does it only have to hamper with our stylish looks? Many choose to be indoors to ignore the clumse on such days. So I’ve made a hassle free look for both the genders that’s Monsoon safe and easy to carry.

In my opinion a bomber jacket is the most genius way to go with the Indian monsoon rains and the chilly weather. A polo shirt tucked in makes it generically stylish. Cropped denims for the win! Wearing bulky shoes adds up to your look but don’t forget to get your  leather water proofed. Throw on a belt to complement your look. A water proof watch is a MUST!! Do I even need to tell you how important a cap is to protect your hair? A back bag that’s smart and fits your needs.

Cropped trench coats to welcome Autumn that are water repellent and don’t soak in easily in the rain, this double breasted peplum trench has my heart to it. It’ so gorgeous and does the job too! Adding a soft and bright colour like this pink ruffled body suit gives you efficiency and keeps you trendy on gloomy days! A cropped embroidered denim keeps you free from the wet mud spots and clogged water. (shorts is an option too) These flat combat boots are comfortable to run errands and be stylish. (Get the leather water proofed) Keep your accessories minimum with a maximum effect like these pearl studs. A clear cross body bag like this is perfect for a rainy day. Of course, a cute umbrella for you  and some lip shine to keep away from chapped lips.

While these looks are stylish and comfortable. You could also choose to look for iridescent rain coats, sweatshirts and track pants for a very causal look. Ignore thin, sheer and flowy fabrics that  turn into a mess. Remember, monsoon looks don’t always mean being water resistant head to toe but keeping it simple, safe and stylish, unless you’re the rain child.

Until next time, xx


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