Fashion and the trends that keep changing every season and leaving us clueless on so many days, what to wear? We all resort to our favourites on good or bad days but there are days we all reconsider our options, and that’s when I resort to my ‘fashion classics’. The good thing about these classic are, you know you cannot go wrong with this and be head to toe confident! Find out my favourite fashion classics of all time –

  1. Plain White or Blue & White Striped Shirt

A plain white shirt has come a long way but I truly believe a blue and white striped shirt is an understated classic. Just like the white shirt, rock this one with your favourite denim and you can take over the day!

  1. Denim Jacket

Do all that you can but you never replace the look of a denim jacket. Denim jackets are ageless and that’s why this has been an evergreen classic. Every time I second doubt my outfit I just put this on.

  1. Black Bottoms

Black pants are a boon to mankind, pick any shirt and you know it’s simply going to blend well with your pants. Jeggings or black denims you choose your kind!

  1. Nude Shoes 

Court nude shoes are considered the classic shoes but ask a girl with wide feet if she could always fit in one? There’s wide fit available too but it’s ideal to find a nude pair of shoes that you are comfortable in, ballet flats, stilettos or court shoes you choose!

  1. Blouse

Delicate blouses are like the crisp shirts of women’s wear. You got to own one and that one, can take you to places. Blouses are a classic by itself but you will always find their prints and details evolving with time.

  1. White Sneakers

White kicks have been on and off the fashion trend list but they are the true legends! So do not hesitate investing on them.

  1. Blue Denim

Girl, do not worry about fitting in skinny jeans if boyfriend jeans is your kind. I do not even have to get started about this because I know you’ve got the best one already.

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