What to wear in Goa for Men

It’s monsoon and you’re counting days to your trip to Goa. But wait; is your wardrobe in place? Do you know what to wear in Goa? Don’t worry; your Personal Shopper is here to help.

Let’s dig in your wardrobe

First, let’s start with what you already own. What do you find? a few shirts, shorts, and a few tee shirts? Good hold on to these. Chuck anything that’s formal or not in your comfort size. Look for a mix of dark and light colors. Do not go for a very light outfit because you’re stepping in the rainy zone. So keep your bottoms dark and cool prints for your shirts or graphic tee shirts.



If your outfit is lacking some life most importantly head straight to this department because bringing in some hats, bandanas, scarf, hand bands, neckpieces or belts are a great addition to your outfit. Make sure you add one of these to add the good vibes to your outfit. See how a simple outfit like this was bought to life by Nick.

The Hippie soul

If your soul and vibe is to go, hippie, then make sure you’re in your free-flowing bottoms, airy shirts and good old John Lennon shades or club masters. Wear your strappy slippers or sandals and you are there already because who doesn’t like letting loose?


Strolling in the shacks and the beaches

We say go for lightweight cotton pants, relaxed khadi fabric, or your go-to denim with solid coloured shirts worn with tee shirts. If you’re a man of ripped denim, do not refuse, rock them! because this is the best time to bring them on!

Is something missing?

Still feel you’re not there yet? Shop for it with the help of your Personal Shopper for free and she will handpick clothes for you and give the best outfit ideas that work just for you!


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